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If the hotel isnt working for you, read this!

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If the hotel isnt working for you, read this!

Post by MagicBean on Thu Jun 10, 2010 12:50 am

Many people have been asking questions saying 'Why Cant I Get On The Hotel, I demand an answer', But even though Swifty is on, its because he is updating the site or fixing it. Sometimes people say that when Swiftys off but they dont notice he is, If you cant get on the hotel either its offline or there is an Update occuring, If you cant get on the hotel then post here on this section of the forum, reply to this topic and hopefully a staff member will reply and give you a solution, because sometimes it could just be your connection to the internet that causes it.

Remember, the hotel isn't 24/7 yet, and were not sure if it will be but were trying to make it 24/7 so everyone can get on. If the server crashes whilst Swifty is offline, then you'll have to report it to the forum so we can notify Swifty in the morning.

Thank you for reading this topic, reply if you are having problems getting on the hotel.


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