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New Forum Emblems for Staff, New Rankings.

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New Forum Emblems for Staff, New Rankings.

Post by MagicBean on Thu Jun 10, 2010 11:06 am

Here on the forum, Anthany, current Administrator changed the forums rankings to Forum Moderator,

Forum Moderator is for Trainee Moderators who have just joined the job, (Cheeze)

Super Moderator,

Super Moderator is for the advanced Moderators on the forum (Ivory)


The highest rank on the forum.

Each rank has its own emblem which says what you are, so if you become a Administrator you'll have the Administrator Emblem under your name (Like I do, Ivory has Super Moderator and Cheeze has Moderator'

so if you get promoted you get the different emblems, staff, reply to this thread if you like the new forum emblems because i sure do, and full credit to Anthany for adding them.


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Re: New Forum Emblems for Staff, New Rankings.

Post by Anthany on Thu Jun 10, 2010 7:04 pm

Plus, non-staff members have there own auto ranks!

Newbie - 5 posts
Super Newbie - 35 posts
Epic Newbie - 100 posts
Member - 250 posts
Super Member - 550 posts
Epic Member - 1000 posts


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